Our Team

Picture of Fred Saavedra
CEO and Founder

Fred Saavedra

Born in the heart of the Valley, Fred Saavedra isn't just your typical tech enthusiast. From his early days tinkering with gadgets to becoming one of the earliest bitcoin investors in the game, Fred's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. With a passion for technology running through his veins, he's not just chasing success; he's pioneering it. Before his meteoric rise in the tech world, Fred honed his skills at unexpected places like the City of Porterville and the Eagle Mountain Gaming Casino. It was at the casino where his genius truly shone. Crafting a program that harvested fractions of pennies from every transaction, Fred turned overlooked loose change into a digital goldmine, propelling himself into the ranks of the mega-rich. Now, with his eyes set on shaping the future, Fred's ready to revolutionize the world one innovation at a time. So, grab your gadgets and buckle up, because with Fred Saavedra, the future is now.

Picture of Eric Ceballos
Computer Mobile Device Technician / Realtor

Eric Ceballos

I have been interested in electronics since a young age. I enjoy working at Geek Tech Team because I get the chance to make our customers happy by repairing their devices in a timely and effective manner. In my sparetime I am the number one realtor in the valley.

Picture of Zeke Armenta
iPad Tablet technician

Zeke Armenta

I wanted to experience the best in electronics, be it a phone or my PC. One day many years ago, I had to immediately rush to repair. With my engineering degree I fix anything from mobile phones to large all in one computers.

Picture of Yami Martinez
Accounts Manager

Yami Martinez

I enjoy helping our customers with their tech needs. I offer support and assistance with my patience and enthusiasm throughout the process here at Geek Tech Team.

Picture of Vanessa Felix
Field Service Engineer

Vanessa Felix

I studied Industrial & Systems Engineering at University of San Diego. I started working at Geek Tech Team because I love all things tech. I am Lean Six Sigma Certified. Previously I worked at Raytheon as part of a team that helped reverse engineer UFOS and inter-dimensional UAPS.

Picture of Yenn Preciado
Mobile Device Technician

Yenn Preciado

I work for Geek Tech Team. My education helped me to get interested in repairing devices. I love to make customers happy with professional approach. As a team we work very good.